Airport Departure Procedures

Departure actually begins even before you get to the airport. Traffic in Metro Manila where the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is located can be unpredictable.  Thus, carefully plan your trip to the airport so you can be there at least three (3) hours before flight time for international travel, and two (2) hours before flight time for domestic travel within the Philippines.

  • Proceed to the departure level of the airport. At the entrance, you will encounter the first checkpoint. Show your valid ticket or boarding pass and passport at this checkpoint. E-tickets are now fully recognized by airport authorities.
  • There is a second checkpoint where you will need to pass through an x-ray and metal detector portal for security purposes. Your suitcases and bags will also go through an x-ray machine inspection.  
  • Walk to your appropriate airline check-in counter. Hand your e-ticket printout, valid passport and visa to the airline representative. If you have check-in luggage, place it on the conveyor next to the airline counter. The usual weight limit for check-in baggage is 20 kg for Economy Class and 30 kg for Business Class. For Europe and US destinations, baggage allowance is per piece basis. The limits may vary depending on the airline and travel destination. Surcharges are levied for excess weight.
  • If you are bringing any lotion, toothpaste, gel, perfume and other liquid forms, make sure you place these in your check-in baggage. Sharp objects, umbrella and lighter must also be packed in your check-in baggage.

  • Inform the airline counter representative if you have any seat preference (window, center or aisle) and special requests such as meals and wheelchair assistance. These are normally provided as available. Hand-carry baggage is allowed with a maximum weight of 7 kg. Laptops, cameras and video cameras are allowed to be hand-carried.
  • After check-in, the airline counter representative will return to you your e-ticket and passport, together with your boarding pass and baggage claim stub. Check your boarding pass and take note of your boarding time and assigned terminal gate. Also look at your baggage claim stub to check if it indicates the correct travel destination.
  • Proceed to the terminal fee counter, present your boarding pass, and pay Php 550.00 for international travel or Php 200.00 for domestic travel within the Philippines. The terminal fee allows one the privilege to use terminal facilities such as shops and restaurants. Counter personnel will staple the terminal fee receipt to your boarding pass as proof that you have paid the terminal fee.
  • Go to the Immigration Clearance area. Be sure you have properly filled out your Departure Card. It is advisable that you do this before going to the airport for a smooth travel departure process. The printed eTicket that we provide you always comes with a blank Departure Card. Hand over your departure card and passport to the Immigration Officer, who will then put a departure stamp on your passport.
  • For the final security check, take all metal objects out of your pockets, including pens, mobile phones, coins, watch and other items that you think may trigger the metal detector alarm. You can either place these in your hand-carry bag or in a plastic tray that the security people will provide. Laptop computer, iPad and similar gadgets also need to be placed in a plastic tray. You may also be asked to remove your shoes and place them in the plastic tray. Make sure the money you are carrying is within the currency export limits for both Philippine peso and foreign currencies. After going through the metal detector check, collect your bags and personal items from the tray, then proceed to the departure area.    
  • If you are a First Class or Business Class passenger, proceed to the appropriate airline lounge.  
  • If you are an Economy Class passenger, you can pass by the duty-free shops and then proceed to the departure gate or go to one of the special lounges that offer facilities similar to Business Class lounges. Boarding normally starts 40 minutes before the flight. The boarding gate closes 10 minutes before flight time.
  • Depending on the airline, there may be one last security check as you enter the departure gate area. This will be a quick check of your person and your hand-carry bag.
  • Again, depending on the airline, you may have to show not only your boarding pass, but also your passport, before boarding the aircraft.

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